PhD studies at CIIR

For PhD-applicants

CIIR welcomes applications within all areas of information and innovation law. Special consideration will be given to the following areas and topics:

Reglerne om informationssikkerhed (In Danish)

En undersøgelse af reglerne om informationssikkerhed og deres indbyrdes samspil med henblik på at identificere ligheder og forskelle samt vurdere, om de forskellige regelsæt hviler på fælles principper, der er forbundet til mere velkendte retlige konstruktioner, f.eks. om ledelsesansvar.

Kontaktperson: Lektor Hanne Marie Motzfeldt

Rights to scientific data

University research is more and more data driven and a vast amount of valuable research data is produced and compiled at public funded universities. Many university researchers perceive themselves as holders of rights in the scientific data they have produced etc. but it is not clear if such rights in data are established and if so, who is the owner of the rights. Navigating this web of rights (such as intellectual property rights, personal data rights or rights based on research ethics) – and rights holders (such as individual researchers, research groups, universities, external partners or donors of tissue and personal data) raises a number of complicated legal issues in terms of the identification of relevant rights and rights holders. The project can either target specific issues and interests or focus or the interplay between the various rights and actors

Contact persons:  Professor Jens Schovsbo og Professor Thomas Riis 

Sanctions under the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

GDPR includes provisions on administrative fines (art. 83) and liability (art. 82). These provisions give rise to a number of legal questions, including the level of administrative fines, the special arrangement for fines under Danish law, claims for non-economic loss under art. 82 and class action claims. The project should look into the sanction provisions of the GDPR and analyse the legal issues of these provisions.

Contact person: Professor Henrik Udsen

If you want to learn more about how it is to be a PhD-student at CIIR you are welcome to contact current PhD-students at CIIR.