31 January 2023

Peter Davis joins CIIR in the LEGALESE project

Peter Davis has joined CIIR on 1 January 2023 as PostDoc in the LEGALESE research project, which aims to research and develop a product that facilitates efficient legal information retrieval and automated recommendation using natural language processing (NLP). The project is a joint venture by the University of Copenhagen's Faculty of Law and Department of Computer Science, KMD, Ankestyrelsen and Aalborg local authority. Working with Henrik Palmer Olson and Sebastian Schwemer, Peter will focus his research on the legal implications of bias in NLP.

Peter's background and areas of interest

Peter is an Australian lawyer with an LLB and BCom from the University of Western Australia, and an LLM and PhD from the University of Oslo. His doctoral thesis, which he recently defended, was entitled Encryption's 'Going Dark' Debate: The Rule of Law confronts the Laws of Mathematics. His main area of research interest and teaching experience is in information and communication technology law, particularly privacy and cybersecurity.