External members

  • Associate Professor of Law, Denis De Castro Halis, UNESA (University Estacio de Sa/Post-Grad.Prog.Law) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is a specialist in Asian socio-legal issues, legal theory, and corporate social responsibility, having worked in mainland China and Macao for 14 years (2005-2019). He focuses on the intersections of law, social sciences and philosophy.
  • Partner, Attorney, PhD Rass Holdgaard (Kammeradvokaten) (Specialist in EU-Law).
  • (Associate) Professor Ebrahim Afsah (public international law, especially the law of armed conflict; public law, especially administrative and constitutional law in post‐conflict settings; and Islamic law, especially its (underdeveloped) public law) (University of Vienna as of September 2018, and University of Copenhagen).
  • Adjunct Assistant professor Graham Butler (Århus Universitet) (European Union law, EU constitutional law, external relations law, and European integration).
  • Adjunct Associate Professor Bart van Vooren (Law of the European Union with specialization in EU external relations law, EU institutional law, and EU constitutional law).
  • Professor Antoni Abat i Ninet (constitutional law and legal theory) University of Copenhagen - 2013-2020; Visiting Professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel) as of September 2020.