Theme page about Covid-19

Corona virus
The Covid-19 pandemic has given rise to new legislation and the use of emergency powers in Denmark and in the rest of the world. This has influenced the activities at CECS, as several researchers are currently involved in projects exploring, among other things, the pandemics’ implications in the fields of constitutional law, EU law and legal culture. Professor Ulla Neergaard is participating in a European research project on Covid-19 and European Solidarity, while professor Helle Krunke has been a co-editor on an international e-book on different countries’ Covid-19 legislation, viewed in a constitutional law perspective. As a group, Sune Klinge, Helle Krunke, Annemette Fallentin Nyborg and Jens Elo Rytter have contributed to this publication as well as a Nordic comparative research project, mapping the Danish legislative response to the Covid-19 crisis. Meanwhile, Hin-Yan Liu, Matthijs Maas and Kristian Lauta have explored lessons to be learned from the Covid-19 pandemic for the governance of future existential risks.

This work has already led to a number of publications, with more on the way. Furthermore, a Covid-19 theme has been incorporated into the BA-courses Constitutional Law and EU-Constitutional Law: Institutions and EU Law. Professor Hanne Petersen has produced a video on “Crises and Legal Cultures” for the Faculty’s Covid-19 website, and several students at the Faculty have chosen to write their master’s thesis on a topic related to Covid-19, under the supervision of researchers from CECS.