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Fergus Anthony Kerrigan

Fergus Anthony Kerrigan

PhD Student

The Centre for Comparative and European Constitutional Studies (CECS) at the Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen are pleased to announce that Fergus Kerrigan will join the Centre as a PhD Fellow to research the development of constitutional order and the protection of rights in Kenya.

With a project entitled ‘Building a Resilient Legal State in Kenya’, the purpose is to shed light on the challenges of achieving constitutionalism in Kenya in the light of the 2010 Constitution. It will focus on the empirical role of justice institutions in tackling challenges of ethnicised and neopatrimonial politics, political violence and legal pluralism. These themes will be examined in a comparative and theoretical light to inquire into the strategies of national and international actors to promote peace, stability and the protection of human rights.

As former head of the Access to Justice programme and Senior Legal Advisor at the Danish Institute for Human Rights, Fergus Kerrigan has directed projects and programmes to analyse and promote access to justice in Africa, Asia and Europe. The project, to be supervised by Professor Antoni Abat Ninet, is part of a larger research programme on the links between peacebuilding and human rights, carried out in cooperation between the Centre for Comparative and European Constitutional Studies, Faculty of Law, the Centre for Resolution of International Conflicts at the Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen, and the Danish Institute for Human Rights, financed by the Carlsberg Foundation.

Fergus has designed and taught many courses at the Danish Institute for Human Rights, and has lectured at the University of Copenhagen before, and a number of other universities. He is the principal author of a major study on Informal Justice Systems for three United Nations agencies (Informal Justice Systems: Charting a Course for Human Rights Based Engagement, UNDP 2012), and of an in-depth study of the Zambian justice system (Access to Justice in the Republic of Zambia: A Situation Analysis, Ministry of Justice, Republic of Zambia, 2012). He recently authored a chapter on legal education in Africa in a forthcoming book (African Universities and Rights in African Polities and Communities, in Higher Education and Capacity Building in Africa, Routledge, 2016).

Fergus Kerrigan will take up his new position in December 2015 at CECS.

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