Katarina Hovden

Katarina Hovden

Enrolled PhD student

Current research

The PhD project has the following (tentative) title: 

Reclaiming and restoring relationships through/as law: the rights of the River Frome, nature in the EU, and Mer de Glace

 Supervisors: Professor Helle Krunke and Professor Louis Kotzé


Forthcoming: The Rights of Nature in Europe: Encounters and Visions (Routledge 2024, link), co-edited by Jenny García Ruales, Katarina Hovden, Helen Kopnina, Colin D. Robertson, and Hendrik Schoukens

Primary fields of research

  • Rights of Nature
  • Ecological jurisprudence / Earth jurisprudence
  • Ontological politics
  • Multispecies and more-than-human perspectives

ID: 183888108