International Commercial Contracts

Billede af håndtryk

Course description

The module acquaints participants with demands of negotiating, drafting and performance of contracts in international business environment. It has a highly practical orientation; in particular, it focuses not on discussion of isolated types of agreement, but rather on contracts as vehicles for complex international transactions. As a result, it examines common combinations of agreements (e.g. sale of goods – maritime and land transport - insurance – financial instruments for payments) in the context of global trade flows and digitalization of business communication. The module also addresses most recent challenges to international contractual practice, arisen due to the COVID-19 pandemic, such as disruptions of production and supply in Global Value Chains, the resulting issues of liability for non-performance and the role of force majeure and hardship clauses. The course offers training of relevant skills and competences, with emphasis on efficient communication among lawyers, as well as between lawyers and business professionals. The training takes the form of diverse, interactive team- and individual exercises, including case study and hypo solving, drafting, strategy building, and negotiation simulation.

Key Benefits

Upon completion of the course, the participants will be:

  • familiar with practical aspects of negotiating and drafting international contracts
  • prepared for building successful negotiation strategies
  • knowledgeable about common types of contracts and their combinations used in international trade
  • acquainted with recent developments in the field, including the impact of COVID-19 pandemic onto contractual performance and liability

Course teacher

Professor (mso) Joanna Lam, Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen
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Participant profile

Attorneys-at-law; in-house counsel; business professionals involved in commercial transactions; governmental agencies facilitating international trade.


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