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Mikkel Jarle Christensen

Mikkel Jarle Christensen

Associate Professor

Primary fields of research

Legal sociology, sociology of elites, international proscution


Law, morality and politics, Legal history

Current research

Bringing the World to Justice: The emerging field of internationalized criminal law

The internationalization of criminal law is not a passive process. It is driven and controlled by the emergence and social practices of new groups of lawyers. In order to understand the creation and development of a new form of international criminal law – with potential impact not only for the international adjudication of the socalled core crimes such as genocide and crimes against humanity but also for the prosecution of crimes such as drug trafficking, corruption and terrorism – the project will map out and analyze the agents who have actively constructed these new forms of law. Through an empirically founded understanding of their social and professional backgrounds and their career trajectories in the field of international criminal justice, a field partly created by their own strategies of internationalization, this research project will contribute with an original and critical analysis of the social constitution of international criminal law and the formation of the social groups whose competing and complimentary perspectives govern this field.

ID: 3504140