A comparative view of the use of procurement techniques and electronic instruments by central purchasing bodies

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Procurement techniques and electronic instruments under the Procurement Directive are the main tools used by CPBs in their purchasing activities. These include framework agreements, dynamic purchasing systems, electronic catalogues and electronic auctions. These are neither contracts not procedures but rather, organisational infrastructure that leads to the conclusion of a public contract and allows for efficient public spending via aggregated, digitalised procurement. This chapter draws a comparative analysis of how relevant provisions on procurement techniques and electronic procurement and e-catalogues are interpreted and applied in different Member States. The chapter addresses identified challenges, as well as good practices in the application of these provisions in MSs are, whilst also reflecting at why the application of this infostructure is so heterogenous throughout the EU and how to address this status quo.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationCentral Purchasing Bodies And Other Forms Of Joint Procurement
EditorsCarina Risvig Hamer, Mario Comba
Number of pages18
PublisherEdward Elgar Publishing
Publication date2021
ISBN (Print)9781800370401
ISBN (Electronic)9781800370418
Publication statusPublished - 2021

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