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08 December 2015

Trine Thygesen Vendius publishes new article

Trine Thygesen Vendius publishes new article: "Europol’s Cybercrime Centre (EC3), its Agreements with Third Parties and the Growing Role of Law Enforcement on the European Security Scene" (European Journal of Policing Studies, Volume 3, Issue 2: Policing, Boundaries and the State).

"The creation of novel institutions, such as the European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) discussed by Trine Vendius (this edition), points similarly to an expansion of efforts to internationalize policing and facilitate cooperation while also decoupling certain policing functions from local control. While recognizing the potential seriousness of cybercrime it is also important to chart, as Vendius does, both the development of these institutions and the questions they raise about the nature of states, jurisdictions, and the increasing autonomy of international institutions" (preface).

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