The centre is managed collaboratively by the members of the centre mentioned below:

Trine Baumbach, head of CORA
TB carries the overall and coordinating responsibility for CORA. Furthermore, she represents the Centre with regard to the Deanship and the rest of the administration of the Faculty. Hereby she is responsible for the running and the economy of the Centre, as well as for the communication with collaborators and other stakeholders of the Centre. She chairs the advisory board of the Centre (The Centre Council).

Peter Blume, responsible for the external representation of the Centre,
Vice head. Assists the Head in the day to day running of the center and is responsible for the Centre’s external relations in Denmark as well as internationally.

Program coordinator

Henrik Stevnsborg, program coordinator

HS is responsible for the joint education activities of the centre, including updating of the offered thesis subjects under CORA, and also the organization of seminars in current bachelor’s projects- and thesis subjects, as well as intervening seminars where the researchers of the centre present their current research.