Europeanization of European Law on Unfair Commercial Practices

The creation of a European Law of Unfair Commercial Practices in the interest of protecting consumers was an idea of the European Commission right from the outset. The area has been increasingly harmonised, starting out with the Directives on misleading and comparative advertising and a number of other Directives related to specific products (e.g. Tobacco), the Television without Frontiers Directive (now the AVMS Directive) and other Directives aimed at consumer protection e.g. the Doorstep Selling Directive and the Distance Selling Directive etc. It has all culminated with the Directive on Unfair Commercial Practices, known as the UCP Directive. In contrast to the early Directives the UCP Directive is a maximum Directive aimed at creating a common European Law on Unfair Commercial Practices by the prohibition of unfair commercial practices and misleading omissions. The CJEU has already rendered some very important judgments on the UCP Directive indicating that the UCP Directive will have great impact on Marketing Law, and more cases can be expected.

The proposed PhD. Project should investigate this Europeanization of European Law on Unfair commercial Practices.

Contact: Professor, Dr. jur., Ph.D., Caroline Heide-Jorgensen,