4 November 2019

Do all customers have equal access to financial services?

odcasts with leading academics on the issue of fair and non-discriminatory access to financial services

In his research, Assistant Professor Catalin-Gabriel Stanescu focuses on fair and non-discriminatory access to financial services. A personal experience as a bank customer put him on the trail of his field of research. A local bank had presented him with a credit offer, but the terms completely changed when he handed in his Romanian passport. Since then, Catalin-Gabriel Stanescu has been conducting legal research in the area of fair and non-discriminatory access to financial services, in search of potential solutions.

Recently he lead the conference Surpass IRN - Fair and Non-Discriminatory Access to Financial Services. The aim of the conference was to provide a forum where leading researchers, practitioners, and enforcement officials from multiple jurisdictions joined to present and discuss the most recent trends and challenges posed by discriminatory practices against vulnerable consumer groups in accessing financial services.

After the conference, a series of podcasts were produced. They will help you understand how access to financial services is affected by algorithms and big data, the role of the UN's declared human rights, and the thin line between the freedom of a business to choose its customers and the various levels of regulation of business activities to ensure equitable and transparent access to services.

See a list of the podcasts produced, as well as a brief description of each podcast to help you find out which  podcast may be relevant for you