Free movement of product-service systems in the EU internal market

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The impact of technological developments upon cross-border trade in the EU

About the seminar

Technological development combined with a shift in consumer mindset that ownership is no longer the ultimate consumer desire has prompted the industry to move its focus away from manufacturing and towards services. As the services society evolves, contracts are becoming increasingly complex and companies often find themselves in  situations where they are free to sell one part of the product-service system across the border, but not the whole system.

Considering the still existing differences in the regulation of free movement of goods and services in EU law, it is critical to determine the applicability of provisions on free movement of goods and/or services for product-service systems that move across internal borders and assess whether it is possible to adapt these rules to the newly developed integrated solutions, where the line between goods and services is blurred. Once the applicable legal framework safeguarding free movement is established,  however, new national restrictions on the cross-border movement of such products, as well as new justifications by the Member States may arise and thus also need to be addressed in view of internal market principles.

The seminar will be part of the presenter’s ongoing doctoral studies and it will focus on the legal and institutional background and alternatives, framing them in the context of the negotiations for the EU Digital Internal Market and the positions that have been taken at EU level in recent years.


13:00-13:05 Ulla Neergaard introduction
13:05-13:25 Živa Šuta: Free movement of product-service systems in the EU internal market: the impact of technological developments upon cross-border trade in the EU
13:35-13:40 Q&A
13:45-14:05 Silvia Giudici: The evolution of health protection in EU law: from reason for derogation to cross-cutting objective
14:05-14:20 Q&A


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About the speaker

Živa Šuta is a PhD Candidate in Law and a Teaching Assistant of EU Law at the University of Maribor, Slovenia. Her research interests include the Green and Digital Legal Transition, Fundamental Rights, the Internal Market, and Public International Law. Before completing her Master's studies, she took part in an exchange programme in European and International Law at Ghent University in Belgium (Faculteit Recht en Criminologie Gent).