Staff at WELMA - Centre for Legal Studies in Welfare and Market – University of Copenhagen

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Staff at WELMA - Centre for Legal Studies in Welfare and Market

NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Asmussen, Ida HelenePostdoc Genetic Identity in Law +45 353-23140E-mail
Carneiro, Marta Maria Amaro da C LPhd student Intersectional discrimination in the EU: taking the next step +45 353-23131E-mail
Daugaard, Anders TrebbienStudent  +45 353-32364E-mail
Falsner, Jacob Tobias RudePhD Student Problems in Labour Law related to hiring of Temporary Replacement Labour in Danish Companies +45 353-24385E-mail
Hartlev, MetteProfessor, Head of WELMA  +45 353-30750E-mail
Hvidt, Martine StagelundPhD student National regulering af sociale sikringsydelser i et fællesskabsretligt perspektiv +45 353-23171E-mail
Jacqueson, CatherineAssociate professor  +45 353-23597E-mail
Jørgensen, StineAssociate Dean of Education  +45 353-23184E-mail
Ketscher, KirstenProfessor, VIP WELMA  +45 353-23186E-mail
Kristiansen, JensProfessor  +45 353-23175E-mail
Nacea, DianaPhD student PhD student +45 353-23559E-mail
Olsen, Céline E J L BrassartPhD student  +45 353-23157E-mail
Pedersen, TineStudent  +45 353-30334E-mail
Semanda, FreyaPhD student  +45 353-31539E-mail