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Neethu Rajam

Neethu Rajam

Guest researcher, Research Assistant

The mushrooming of biobanks as systematic infrastructure for storage of data and samples for possible medical and research purposes has also led to concerns over its long term sustainability.Biobanks as research infrastructual entities are expensive to run on a daily basis because it needs to achieve sufficient standardization in terms of quality to serve as useful resources. That being the case there is an increasing outlook to private resources. This also means serious thoughts have to be put into planing  IPR policies. Involvement of Intellectual Property Rights also brings forth ethical and legal concerns; one of the most prominent being the public trust involved in such cases due to fear of increasing private interests. It is hence important to understand how far industrial involvement could be applied in the context of publicly funded biobanks and in what way intellectual property rights can have impact in the sector of biobanking which my project examines.

ID: 101855119