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Lone Wandahl Mouyal

Lone Wandahl Mouyal

Assistant professor

  • Centre for Enterprise Liability

    Karen Blixens Plads 16, 2300 København S, Søndre Campus, Building: 6B-3-51

    Phone: +45 35 32 40 54

Primary fields of research

  • International Investment Law
  • Investment disputes (investor-state dispute settlement, ISDS)
  • Foreign investments and legal challenges in the Arctic area
  • Sustainable development
  • Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR

Lone Wandahl Mouyal is a researcher within the area of international investment law. Her primary area of research concerns intersections of international economic law and human rights.

Lone Wandahl Mouyal has dealt extensively with the interpretation of investment treaties, long-term contracts, aspects of sustainable development in contract law and corporate social responsibility (CSR). She has published extensively on these topics and participates in conferences both nationally and internationally on a regular basis. 

In 2015, Lone Wandahl Mouyal received the Danish Research Council's research talent prize, the sapere aude. 

Lone Wandahl Mouyal is one of the two founders of the Nordic Network on Investment Law. See further here.

Current research

Lone Wandahl Mouyal has a great interest in the development in the Arctic and currently carries out a research project on foreign investments in Greenland. Lone Wandahl Mouyal focuses on central legal challenges in relation to extraction of mineral resources in Greenland. The research project adresses among other things:

  1. Questions of competence in relation to natural resource in exctraction.
  2. The principle of self-determination,
  3. Liability aspects in relation to exctraction of natural resources. 

Lone Wandahl Mouyal participates regularily in national and international conferences on the development in the Arctic. She participates in the annual mining conference in Tianjin in China, and she also undertakes field trips to Greenland. 

The research project is financed by the Danish Research Council.


  • International Investment Law (Master's course)
  • Public International Law (Bachelor's course)
  • Studieteknik og læringsproces (Bachelor's course)

ID: 22325998