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Valgerdur Solnes

Valgerdur Solnes


  • JUR Juridisk Ph.d.-uddannelse

    Karen Blixens Plads 16, 2300 København S, Søndre Campus, Bygning: 6A-3-47

    Telefon: +45 35 33 23 09

Medlem af:

    Valgerdur Solnes finished her law degree at the University of Iceland Faculty of Law in 2009, followed by an LL.M. degree at Fordham Law School in New York in 2010. Previously, Valgerdur clerked at the Supreme Court of Iceland from 2010 to 2015. She has been a part time Lecturer at the University of Iceland Faculty of Law since 2012 and Adjunct Lecturer since 2015, teaching courses within Commercial law, mainly Property. Valgerdur is now a PhD Fellow at the University of Copenhagen Faculty of Law, through the Joint PhD Program between the faculty and the University of Iceland Faculty of Law.

    Undervisnings- og vejledningsområder

    Teaching at the University of Iceland Faculty of Law in fields within Commercial Law, mainly Property Law, Law of Obligations and Contract Law. Supervision of B.A. and Masters Theses.

    Primære forskningsområder

    Property Law, Constitutional Law, Human Rights, Legal History.

    Aktuel forskning

    Private and public property in land: Resolving property disputes in Iceland and beyond

    The research examines the Icelandic Supreme Court's case law on account of a 1998 legislation.  The legislation granted administrative power (subject to judicial review) to determine boundaries between private and public land in Iceland.  The latter term, public land, encompasses land previously defined as ownerless land and commons (res nullius and res communis).  The legislature opted out of enacting special evidentiary rules, and chose to adopt procedural rules to safeguard the human rights of all relevant parties.  This approach was tested by the European Court of Human Rights, concluding that the 1998 legislation and the case law were not in violation of the European Convention on Human Rights (right to property, and right to a fair trial).


    Human Rights, Constitutional law and Commercial law, including Property, Obligation and Contracts. Additional interest in Procedural and Administrative law.

    ID: 143259017