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Artem Anyshchenko

Artem Anyshchenko

Videnskabelig assistent

  • JUR Center for Offentlig Regulering og Administration

    Karen Blixens Plads 16, 2300 København S, Søndre Campus, Bygning: 6A-3-41

    Telefon: +45 35 32 07 10

My research project is integrated into the interdisciplinary program "Plants for a Changing World" that combines natural science and social science in the field of plant genome editing, chemicals, and pharmacology. The social science part of the program encompasses both legal and policy issues related to societal acceptance, economic, and ethical aspects of using genetically modified organisms for cultivating plants in the environments becoming increasingly hostile due to climate change.

My individual research project is concerned with the socio-legal aspects of biotechnology and overlaps with environmental policy, international economics, natural science, and health risk assessment and management. The central issue of my research is the precautionary principle as it has been developed on the international and European level and what impact this development has had upon the research on genetically modified organisms, evaluated under various scenarios of environmental change and technological progress.

Primære forskningsområder

Risk analysis. Health and environmental risk assessment and management. Technology regulation. Environmental law. EU law.

Aktuel forskning

Plants for a Changing World

The Precautionary Principle in Research on GMOs under Environmental Change

ID: 84110149