17. april 2020

Katharina Ó Cathaoir sheds light on grieving through a pandemic

Katharina Ó Cathaoir sheds lights on grieving through a pandemic and its new added dimensions in the Irish Times

"I returned to my adopted home of Denmark a week after my father died. There was solace in routine: get up, cycle to work, talk about things that don’t relate to death and suffering, come home, repeat. For my colleagues and friends, life rolled on unchanged. The trauma of the illness and death of my father, who was my best friend, existed in a world separate from teaching, peer reviews, and flat tyres. Others could be spared the bleak reality that sometimes we don’t “beat” cancer.

On March 11th, the Danish government announced a lockdown to reduce the spread of Covid-19. Working from home, while not the end of the world, dispenses with those invisible barriers we erect between private and professional. Suddenly, the routine keeping me afloat was ripped away.​" ....continued  Read the full article here