Vibe Garf Ulfbeck
Vibe Garf Ulfbeck

Director of centre, professor

Primary fields of research

  • Tort law
  • Contract law
  • Maritime law and transport law

Within these areas of the law, I focus in particular on the interplay between private law and public law.

Current research

I am currently working on the project Private-Public Enterprise Liability, focusing on the liability of private and public enterprises in a private/public law perspective.  Special areas of interest include the concept of enterprise liability, CSR perspectives on enterprise liability, public sector outsourcing and liability issues, health and safety at the workplace and liability issues and long term contracts as a tool for achieving the purpose of the enterprise.

The project is financed by the Danish Council for Independent Research


  • Tort law
  • Contract law
  • Maritime law
  • Transport law

I supervise students in these areas of the law.

I supervise the following PhD projects:

  • Marlene Buch Andersen: Erstatning for pyskiske skader på arbejdspladsen
  • Christoffer Tais Eklund: Civil Liability of Investment Advisors
  • Sara Spiro Svendsen: The Liability of the Parent Company for the Wrongdoings of the Subsidiary

Selected publications: 


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  • Arbejdstagerskader: afgrænsning, placering og kanalisering (ed.), 2014
  • Erstatningsretlige grænseområder. Professionsansvar og produktansvar, 2. ed. 2010
  • Kontrakters relativitet, Gadjura, 2000


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