The Offshore Sector

The offshore sector is becoming still more important in modern society. The exploitation of oil resources and the focus on sustainable alternatives such as wind energy (the establishment of windmill parks based at sea) is an industry in growth. The foreseen access to and exploitation of the arctic region must be expected to accelerate this development further. The development requires legal knowhow in a variety of different fields such as construction law, maritime law, international law of the sea, energy law, public law, public procurement law, international investment law and CSR.

Research in CEVIA aims at exploring legal problems within this sector. Structurally, research is conducted at three different “levels” which are closely linked.

Level 1: Law of the Sea

At this level, public international law aspects are explored. The contemporary international law of the sea divides the ocean into multiple jurisdictional zones, such as internal waters, territorial seas, the contiguous zone, the exclusive economic zone, archipelagic waters, the continental shelf, the high seas and the Area. In principle, the law of the sea provides the rights and obligations of a coastal State and third States according to these jurisdictional zones... Read all.

Level 2: Obligations of the State and Liability Questions

Within the boundaries defined by the rules of international law of the sea, the state has room to manoeuvre. This may give rise to obligations and consequently also liabilities of the state. Notably the expected expansion of the state interests into the arctic zone, raises the question whether claiming an expansion based on the continental shelf places obligations on the State, e.g. in respect of environmental protection and ensuring the safety at sea... Read all.

Level 3: Manoeuvre Room for Private Enterprises

The legal framework found in the rules on international law of the sea and in state regulation defines the boundaries for private enterprise offshore and energy activities. The issues dealt with at level 1 and 2 will have an important impact on the manoeuvre room for private enterprises but the exact impact is not clear... Read all.