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Available post doc. positions in CEVIA

In CEVIA 1 or 2 post doc. positions are available per May 2018.

Applications on any topic falling within CEVIAs various framework projects are of interest. Of particular interest are the following topics:

Private enforcement of law

Private actors can play important roles in the enforcement of law. They can initiate civil litigation with an aim to enforce the law, which can involve matters of public interest. This role of private actors is limited inter alia by rules on liability, collective redress and legal standing. Furthermore, private actors are often used to ensure compliance with the law, including public law rules. As an example, private certification bodies can be used to control the observance of product safety, electronic signatures, social responsibility and investments. Private actors can also establish their own dispute resolution procedures that can serve as important law enforcement mechanisms. Procedures for tackling illegal content on online platforms are but one example of this.

The private enforcement of law can challenge basic legal concepts such as the rule of law, and it can also give rise to several legal questions, including questions of responsibility and liability of both public and private parties.  

The topic falls under this framework project 

Private actors as providers of security and rescue services

Private actors increasingly provide security and rescue services in society. At the national level, private guards are used by both private and public institutions. Also rescue services such as ambulance services are often outsourced to private actors. At the international level, private actors are used in military service or in connection with military services. Often, the task is contracted out from a public entity to a private party. The development raises many legal questions, including the question of the possible constitutional limitations to this kind of “privatization”, private law issues concerning the contractual relationship between the public entity and the private party, and tort law questions with regard to liability of both the public entity and the private party.            

The topic falls under this framework project