Research programs

CEVIA offers the following research programs:

Til toppenDoctoral program (PhD)

As a PhD fellow at CEVIA you become part of an active research environment. You will have a main supervisor and in addition, you will have the opportunity to discuss your work with other, experienced CEVIA researchers.

Within the first 6 months, you are expected to give a presentation of your project at an open round table seminar and towards the end of the PhD project you are expected to present the project at an open evaluation seminar. In between these two seminars, CEVIA can organize internal seminars for researchers in the centre with a special interest in your topic.  

During your time as PhD fellow at CEVIA you are expected to follow the Law Faculty’s PhD programme (, including the relevant PhD courses. You will also have the opportunity to participate in CEVIAs lunch seminars and in international conferences and other events organized by CEVIA. 

CEVIA strongly encourages that you take the opportunity to visit other research environments during your time as a PhD fellow. CEVIA has many international collaborating partners that will welcome you as a guest researcher.

A PhD project is typically published as a monograph but can also consist in a series of articles.

Suggested topics for applications

Til toppenPost doc program

Our post doc program aims at providing you with the necessary qualifications for a permanent position at the Law Faculty or elsewhere.

As a post doc’er in CEVIA, you are typically part of one the ongoing collective framework projects and you will have one or two supervisors to follow your work.

Together with the supervisor(s), you are expected to develop a research plan for the post doc project. Post doc research typically results in a series of articles that are related to the same subject matter. As a post doc’er you are encouraged to publish in high level, international journals. You are expected to present the core articles of your post project at the CEVIA WIP (Work in Progress) seminars in order to get internal feed back for your work before it is published.     

You will also have the opportunity to engage with other researchers in the centre, including other post docs, and we strongly encourage collaboration and joint publications.

We also encourage that you that you take the opportunity to have research stays abroad in order to develop an international network. CEVIA has several international collaborating partners that will be happy to welcome you.

During your time as a post doc’er you also get experience with fund raising and project management. You will be involved in developing new, collective projects and we encourage that you organize at least one international, preferably externally funded, conference as a basis for a joint publication. 

Til toppenVisiting scholar program

CEVIA welcomes applications for research stays at CEVIA up until one year. As a visiting scholar you will be provided with office space and the opportunity to take part in centre activities during your stay such as lunch seminars and conferences. You will also have the opportunity to publish a paper on a CEVIA relevant topic in our CEVIA working paper series (link). Projects that can contribute to this series have preference. We recommend that you contact a CEVIA researcher before you apply. You can apply here:

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