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Maritime management

Led by: Associate Professor Anders Møllmann and Professor Vibe Ulfbeck

Today’s shipping industry is organized in large, complex enterprises that operate globally. The efficient running of the shipping companies requires professional management and organization. Whereas ownership and proficiency used to be embedded in the same person (the owner), the management of today’s shipping company is often outsourced to one or more professional actors. In itself, this splitting up of the management at the organizational level raises many questions concerning the distribution of risk and liability. In addition, the amount of regulation in the maritime area has massively increased over the years, just as a new tendency is seen in certain national legal systems to introduce legislation with extraterritorial effect. As a result, it becomes a managerial task for the shipping companies to ensure the compliance also with this sort of legislation. Finally, the increased awareness surrounding the possibilities of the shipping industry to find sustainable business models may give rise to questions about the extent to which management in the shipping companies can and must include such considerations. In this project, we deal with the topics described above and other topics falling within the general theme of maritime management, organization and liability.

Subproject on Climate Change and International Maritime Transport.
Led by: Professor Vibe Ulfbeck and Assistant Professor Beatriz Martinez Romera

The project aims to understand the role of  the maritime industry in the regulation of GHG emissions from international maritime transport. Specifically, how climate-related voluntary measures influence the interaction between the climate and maritime regimes, the potential liability of maritime transport enterprises arising from them, and the significance of climate voluntary action for maritime company management options.

This research project  is connected to the Transatlantic Maritime Emissions Research Network (TRAMEREN), the first Denmark-USA network on private maritime actors and climate change.

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