Long-term private and public contracts – flexibility and stability

Led by: Professor Ole Hansen


Long-term contracts play a central role as a basis for exchanging values in modern society. This applies to contracts made by private as well as public enterprises. Such contracts are often complex, and demand for a certain cooperation between the parties. Long-term contracts must thus on the one hand ensure stable business conditions and on the other hand allow a flexible adaptation of the contract's content to ever-changing circumstances.

Another basic feature is the tendency to adopt procedural solutions to address the need for flexibility in long-term contracts. Thus, variation clauses, renegotiation clauses, dispute settlement clauses and conflict management clauses often form a central part of a long term contract. During the past years, long-term contracts have to an increasing extent created a basis for services of public or semi-public character, for instance supply of communication and health services.It must be assumed, therefore, that modern contract law is to some extent influenced by considerations concerning the common good and the economic and social welfare of society.

The project is based on these fundamental observations and aims to develop a new contract law theory specifically designed for long term-contracts.

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