Research dissemination is highly valued by CEVIA, including communication to the broader public. A key priority of the centre is thus to publish in leading international and national legal journals of high academic quality. In addition to high standard publications in peer-reviewed journals and books, research results are communicated in newspapers, TV, in conferences or through educational initiatives like in teaching books or in seminars at the CEVIA academy.

The collective framework projects of the centre constitutes a main priority and results have typically been published in the form of articles and books. Alongside the interdisciplinary work of the centre, the researchers continuously publish on various topics, such as contract law, tort law, procurement law, maritime law, construction law, and trade- and investment law in a wide range of leading journals.

The publications by the researchers of the centre can be found either by the name of a specific researcher or by accessing the various research projects.

Joint CEVIA publications include:

  • Vibe Ulfbeck, Anders Møllmann, Bent Ole Gram Mortensen (eds.), Responsibility and liability for commercial activity in the Arctic, Routledge, 2016 
  • Vibe Ulfbeck, Katerina Peterkova Mitkidis, Alexandra Horvathova (eds.), To pursue or not to pursue CSR and Sustainability Goals, Nordic Journal of Commercial Law, 2017 (special issue), see:

  • Marta Andrecka, Sustainability and CSR in Public Procurement, European Procurement & public Private Partnership Law Review (EPPPL), 2017 (special issue), see: