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29 September 2017

CEVIA research outcomes in a form of special issue of EPPPL

In 2013, CEVIA was awarded DKK 10 mil from the Danish Independent Research Council – Social Sciences (FSE) for a 5-year research project on Private-Public Enterprise Liability structured around four centre-wide research projects.  The research project II strengthens CEVIA’s research on sustainability, responsibility and enterprise liability. Specifically, a line of research has been opened focusing on sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) considerations in public procurement; the interplay between corporate social responsibility and contract law; as well as CSR policies, their role, legitimacy and accountability of NGOs and certification bodies.

One of the concrete initiatives that has grown out of this work was a two-day international conference at the Faculty of Law of the University of Copenhagen, on 4-5 May, where researchers from the CSR Legal Research Network and other renowned specialists discussed timely developments relating to in the field of procurement, sustainability and CSR.

Now outcomes of that conference may be find in a special issue of the European Procurement and Public Private Partnership Law Review dedicated to sustainable and socially responsible public procurement, edited by assistant professor Marta Andrecka (CEVIA), with contributions from amongst others professor Vibe Garf Ulfbeck (CEVIA), assistant professor Alexandra Horváthová (CEVIA) and assistant professor Beatriz Martinez Romera (CEVIA).

In view of its Communication on 3 October 2017, setting out a strategy to make public procurement work better in and for Europe, the European Commission offers an exclusive glimpse into the possibilities and challenges of strategic procurement in the special edition. EPPPL 3/2017 thus offers a unique compilation of expert articles scrutinizing the diversity of issues related to the subject including compliance, corruption, climate change and supply chain liability within varying national and international contexts.

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Foreword by guest editor Dr Marta Andrecka  at 

Free access article: 'Favouring Small and Medium Sized Enterprises with Directive 2014/24/EU?' by Dr Marta Andrecka and Prof Martin Trybus Birmingham Law School at