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30 September 2016

CEVIA engages with Chinese scholars on Arctic research

The Arctic is increasingly receiving international attention, not only from the Arctic costal states. As the ice gradually melts allowing for new opportunities in the area, more and more states worldwide have declared to be a ’near Arctic state’ or an ’important Arctic stakeholder.’ With the new opportunities, new challenges also appear and thus the need for further research. The University of Copenhagen has taken several steps to enhance international research collaboration with Asian scholars and at the Faculty of Law the collaboration with one of the top Law Faculties in China, Fudan Law School has been a central priority. More recently, the collaboration on Arctic research has been expanded with CEVIA researchers’ engagement with scholars from the Polar Research Institute of China, Shanghai Ocean University and the Shanghai Institute of International Studies.

In 2014 a delegation from Fudan Law School visited University of Copenhagen, where they joined an Arctic symposium at the Faculty of Law. This year, in August another Arctic symposium on ‘Foreign Investments in Greenland’ took place at the Law Faculty in connection with visiting scholar Professor Chen Li’s stay at the Faculty. The symposium caught the attention of a number of researchers, lawyers and business people with more than 80 people attending. In September 2016 Assistant Professor Lone Wandahl Mouyal visited Fudan Law School. Together with Jingjing Su, a lawyer from Bech-Bruun Law Firm in Copenhagen, Lone Wandahl Mouyal joined an Arctic seminar organized by Professor Chen Li. Lone Wandahl Mouyal and Jingjing Su both gave a presentation and took part in the discussions of substantial topics, such as investments in Greenland and the role of the Arctic Council for the development in the Arctic, as well as the opportunities for enhancing China-Nordic research collaboration on Arctic issues. As for the latter, science diplomacy seemed to be vital as a way to move forward.

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Vibe Ulfbeck, Anders Møllmann and Bent Ole Gram Mortensen ed., "Responsibilities and Liabilities for Commercial Activity in the Arctic: The Example of Greenland", Routledge Research in International Environmental Law, 2016.

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Lone Wandahl Mouyal and Chen Li at the Royal Danish Library, Copenhagen, August 2016.

Lone Wandahl Mouyal and Head of the Greenland Representation in Copenhagen, Lida Skifte Lennert at the Arctic Symposium in Copenhagen 2016.

Arctic seminar at Fudan Law School, Shanghai, September 2016.

Arctic Seminar at Fudan Law School, Shanghai, September 2016.

Professor Leilei Zou (Shanghai Ocean University), Professor Chen Li (Fudan Law School) and Professor Deng Beixi (Polar Research Institute of China), Shanghai, September 2016.