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19 May 2014

CEVIA's Arctic conference - save the date

CEVIA’s Arctic conference: Exploitation of Natural Resources in Greenland - Responsibilities and Liabilities.

Thursday 11th of September 2014, at the Law Faculty, University of Copenhagen.

The Arctic has become a hot topic of debate in the media, among governments, for corporations seeking new business opportunities, within civil society, but also as a research subject. Greenland is part of the Arctic region and thus a country of global interest. Being part of the Danish realm, Greenland is also a significant matter of attention in Denmark. With this Arctic conference CEVIA addresses key legal challenges focusing on responsibility and liability aspects with regards to extraction on natural resources in Greenland. The conference aims at disseminating current research to the broader public community, including legal advisors, researchers from other institutions, governmental officials and others, who are interested in the subject. The conference covers subjects such as the Greenlandic concept of self-governance with regards to extraction of natural resources, CSR and workers’ rights, environmental responsibility and liability and global trade issues. More information will follow, but please save the date.

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