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09 February 2018

Catalin-Gabriel Stanescu obtains Marie Curie Grant

Catalin Stanescu, the Romanian post-doctoral researcher affiliated with CEVIA, has obtained a Marie Curie Individual Fellowship, totaling more than 200.000 euro for conducting a two years research project on the issue of Harmonization of Regulation Concerning Abusive Non-Judicial Debt Collection Practices at EU level. The project will kick-off in 2019 and is supervised by Vibe Garf Ulfbeck and Clement Salung Petersen.

Non-judicial debt collection designates all methods employed by a creditor for debt recovery that do not involve the judiciary or other state agents (bailiffs, sheriffs, or police officers. It is a form of private enforcement, a phenomenon that is rampant in practice today in all EU legal systems, however regulated only by few of them. Given the absence of due process and other procedural guarantees generally offered by judicial enforcement, non-judicial debt collection is sometimes abusive in nature, infringing the consumer- and commercial debtor's rights to privacy, dignity, safety and health, as well as economic and other legal rights.

The project will fill in a serious gap in legal knowledge regarding non-judicial debt collection and will contribute to the improvement of the legal base and regulation of these practices across Europe.