CEVIA researchers join Arctic collaboration with prestigious Asian university – University of Copenhagen

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02 May 2016

CEVIA researchers join Arctic collaboration with prestigious Asian university

CEVIA researchers met with researchers from Yonsei University to discuss Arctic issues.

Two of CEVIA’s researchers Assistant Professor Beatriz Martinez Romera and Assistant Professor Lone Wandahl Mouyal recently jointed the Yonsei-Copenhagen workshop, which took place on 18-20 April.

Yonsei University is one of the most prestigious universities in the Republic of South Korea, a university, which merges tradition with the vision of being one of the most modern, forward-looking, and liberal universities in Asia.

The Yonsei-Copenhagen workshop consisted of both plenary sessions with speeches by leadership representatives and keynote speakers from both universities as well as parallel workshop sessions on the three main themes:

  • Social welfare
  • Plant science
  • The Arctic

Beatriz Martinez Romera  and Lone Wandahl Mouyal both joined the Arctic workshop. Beatriz Martinez Romera presented her research ‘Maritime transport and climate change,’ and Lone Wandahl Mouyal gave a presentation on ‘Sustainable development in the Arctic - from soft law responsibility to hard law liability.’

The various topics presented in the workshop gave rise to a broad range of discussions, and there were a number of themes of mutual interest.

Two broad, overarching themes were:

1) The image of the Arctic – the change in discourse about the Arctic and how that impacts on how research questions are framed;

2) The Northern Sea Route - a research topic of great interest to all participants.

The researchers from University of Copenhagen and Yonsei University agreed to continue future collaboration, and both research and education initiatives were defined, including an initiative to establish a joint international and interdisciplinary summer school on the Arctic.  

CEVIA recently published a book on the Arctic, “Responsibilities and Liabilities for commercial activity. The example of Greenland.”

The book is available here