20 May 2019

Strategic Goals of Public procurement

The EU public procurement regime has recently undergone an overhaul and now allows Member States and their contracting authorities to pursue strategic goals via public procurement, including environmental and social objectives. The extent to which such interests may be accommodated in the procurement process is ultimately determined by the broader legal context in which the EU public procurement regime exists, which raises pressing questions regarding the scope and limits of Member States' discretion. This volume scrutinises these new legal acts - particularly Directive 2014/24/EU - focusing on discretion and engaging with questions central to the public procurement regime against the EU legal backdrop, including internal market law and environment law, as well as law beyond the EU.

Sanja Bogojevic, Xavier Groussot and Joergen Hettne edited an antology titled Discretion in EU Public Procurement Law (Studies of the Oxford Institute of European and Comparative Law) to which CEVIA member, assistant professor Marta Andhov contributed with chapter titled: Contracting authorities and strategic goals of public procurement – a relationship defined by discretion?”

 See more: https://www.bloomsburyprofessional.com/uk/discretion-in-eu-public-procurement-law-9781509919482/