13 June 2018

The Launch of "How to Start a Start-Up"

What is “How to Start a Start-Up”?

“How to Start a Start-Up” consists of a 15 ECTS course with a focus on the legal aspects of the life cycle of start-ups. It is intended for a new generation of legal professionals. The aim with the project is to bridge the gap between the start-up society in Copenhagen and the academic community.

Along with attending content-based seminars on the various legal aspects surrounding the life cycle of start-ups, each student will be paired with one of the 40 start-ups on board to work on a project, looking into the diverse legal issues start-ups are faced with. There students will get insights into the start-up industry and achieve an understanding of entrepreneurship, not only in theory, but also in practice.

The project is financially supported by the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship (Fonden for Entreprenørskab) and led by Assistant Professor Alexandra Horváthová and Assistant Professor Marta Andrecka. 

The Launch of the Project

The project was launched the 14th of May and attended by representatives from the 40 start-ups that are taking part in the project along with students, members of the university community and other partners of the project.

Marta Andrecka and Alexandra Horváthová (CEVIA) the minds behind the project explained that the legal profession is changing and the lawyers of the future had to foresee the unforeseeable. “How to Start a Start-Up” was a way to prepare those prospective lawyers for the future.

The event also saw talks from postdoc Jakob Wested (CeBIL) who developed the educational perspectives of the course, Stine Jørgensen, the Associate Dean for Education at the Faculty and the Hub, a collaborative partner, along with other partners and individuals connected to the course. 

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