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International collaboration

As a research centre, CEVIA operates within a national and international context. CEVIA employs researchers with different national backgrounds, undertakes educational activities and teaching in Danish as well as in English, and publishes its research in national as well as international high-level journals.

In terms of enhancing internationalization in line with the strategy of the Faculty of Law, CEVIA undertakes various activities. These activities are carried out within the framework of visiting scholars’ programmes and exchange PhD programmes, and also include guest lecturing abroad at foreign universities as well as research collaboration. In addition hereto, many of CEVIA’s researchers are individually involved in international research collaboration.

CEVIA has established agreements with targeted international collaborators with respect to conferencing, research and doctoral training. These include for example:

  • CEVIA is a partner in the Horizon 2020 project, Sustainabile Market Actors (SMART), established at the University of Oslo, Faculty of Law, see
  • The CSR Legal Research Network  is a global research network of academics interested in combined fields of Corporate Social Responsibility and law.The Network is driven by scholars from CEVIA, INTRAlaw Aarhus University and Copenhagen Business School, see
  • Research collaboration with a research group at the University of Linkjøbing, Sweden, department of Affärsrett, concerning a research project on private actors in the public sector, see
  • Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law, Oslo University, research collaboration and visiting scholars’ programme for PhD students, see
  • The Transatlantic Maritime Emissions Research Network (TRAMEREN) is an international research network established between CEVIA and the Frank J. Guarini Center on Environmental, Energy and Land Use Law, School of Law at New York University, which carries out research on private actors in the maritime sector, greenhouse emissions and climate change, see
  • Visiting scholars’ programme for post-doctoral researchers and PhD students at the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment (CCSI), Columbia University, New York, see