Presentations – University of Copenhagen

Conference Presentations

Day 1 

Sustainable Procurement 2017 – newest developments
Marzena Rogalska, Head of Strategic Procurement Unit, DG Internal Market, European Commission

Procurement Beyond Price – What are we talking about? 
Assistant Professor Marta Andrecka
, CEVIA, University of Copenhagen


The Red Flags and Tools for Fighting Corruption
Professor Dacian Dragos Babes Bolyai University

Corruption in the EU Public Procurement: Silence in the Room
Postdoc Alexandra Horváthová CEVIA, University of Copenhagen

Sustainable Procurement and Developing Countries – case studies on corruption challenges from selected African countries
Senior Lecture Ama Eyo, Bangor University

Social consideration

Danish experience with Fair Trade
Professor Steen Treumer, CEVIA, University of Copenhagen

Requirement of employment contract in Polish public procurement law - a bridge too far? 
Assistant Professor Piotr Bogdanowicz, Warsaw University

Social procurement under trade agreements: CETA, GPA and EU Association Agreements
PhD student Abby Semple University of London, UK

Human Rights

Modern slavery and public procurement in the UK: the experience of local authorities
Senior Lecturer Richard Craven, Leicester University

Swedish example of the use (or not) of HR in public contracts – 3 case studies
Linda Scott Jakobsson procurement specialist at the NGO Swedwatch

Soft law and non-legal tools for Human rights implementation
Beata Faracik Polish Institute for Human Rights and Business


EU Public Procurement Law: Challenges and Opportunities in the Fight against Climate Change
Professor Roberto Caranta, University of Turin Italy & Assistant Professor, Beatriz Martinez Romera, CEVIA, University of Copenhagen

Day 2 

Liability in procured governmental contracts

Supply chain liability of the public buyer?
Professor Vibe Garf Ulfbeck, CEVIA, University of Copenhagen

Citizens' rights under public social service contracts - recent developments in Finland
Senior Lecturer Kirsi-Maria Halonen, University of Lapland

Further sustainable procurement considerations and impacts

Abnormally low contracts and their impacts
Professor Grith Skovgaard Ølykke, CBS

The European way to increase SME participation in procurement: the division of contracts into lots.
Martin Trybus, Birmingham University

How the drive to include sustainability and social clauses in procurement is driving us to a compliance model of procurement.
Senior Lecturer Pedro Telles Swansea University

Beyond CSR: Sustainable Business through Public Procurement?
Professor Beate Sjåfjell, University of Oslo

Procurement Beyond Law

Sustainable Procurement: Challenges and Opportunities in the real world - UN perspective
Jamieson Saab, UNOPS

Social Procurement in Australia: challenges, barriers and opportunities 
Lecturer Warren Staples, School of Management, RMIT Australia

Strategic approach to CSR
Consultant Pilvi Takala

Nordic Countries Best Practices and Challenges

Anja Piening, Partner and lawyer at Nørgaard Piening advokater

Åsa Edman, sklkommentus, Stockholm

Anne Cathrine Jacobsen, Diffi

Karolina Lehto Hansel

Dagmar Sigurðardóttir