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CEVIA lunch seminar on China and Polar Governance

As part of CEVIA’s Arctic research project Mr. Ningbo Wu from Fudan Law School in China will be visiting CEVIA in March. In this connection, CEVIA kindly hosts a lunch seminar on China and Polar Governance.

The seminar:
Ningbo Wu will give a presentation on the topic of China’s Investment in the Arctic Region, where he will deal with investment incentive and Chinese priorities with regard to investment projects. Ningbo Wu will explain the public-private law dynamics and current legal barriers and risks. In this connection, Ningbo Wu will touch upon China’s economic rise, China’s role in the Arctic Council and the new opportunities that occur due to climate change, such as utilization of Arctic sea routes and Arctic natural resources.

About the speaker:
Mr. Ningbo Wu just finalized his PhD at Fudan Law School from where he also undertook his bachelor’s and master’s studies in law. Ningbo Wu specializes in polar governance, but he has also dealt with law of the sea and international arbitration. During his PhD studies, Ningbo Wu was a visiting scholar in Australia at Tasmania University and University of Queensland in Brisbane. Ningbo Wu has carried out extensive research on the topic of polar governance with a focus on China’s Antarctic rights and interests as well as Australian Antarctic law and policies. 

The lunch seminar is free of charge, but due to a limited space, registration is needed. Sandwiches will be served. Please register here before Friday 24th of March 14:00.

For practical questions about the event, please contact Sharon O'Carroll Khan at sharon.khan@jur.ku.dk For other questions, please contact Assistant Professor Lone Wandahl Mouyal at lone.wandahl.mouyal@jur.ku.dk

CEVIA, the Law Faculty, Søndre Campus, Njalsgade 76, Building 6B, 3rd floor, Meeting room 7, (6B-3-04). See also https://jura.ku.dk/virksomhedsansvar/english/contact/

The seminar is part of CEVIA’s Arctic research project, which is funded by the Danish Research Council. Click here to read more about CEVIA’s Arctic research