Post doc position falling under the framework project “Welfare services, privatisation, and the liability of private and public enterprises”

Within the topic ”Management of private operators in the welfare sector” lie issues that emerge from the fact that in Scandinavian countries welfare services are provided by the public sector, a task that is to a wide extent imposed on the sector by law. While the responsibility for ensuring that welfare services are available to citizens in need lay upon the public sector, private sector bodies may actually carry out the services. If so, a need arises for the public sector to be able to manage the private enterprise, for instants to ensure quality, enable changes in the services provided or ensuring proper conduct.

The project should identify and analyse the legal problems connected to this management angel to outsourcing of public welfare services. This includes at least the following issues: contracts as management tool, contracting authorities’ access to manage private trust and enterprises, management in enterprises controlled by the contracting authorities. The project should include analyses of relevant regulation as well as actual contracts. Comparative studies might well be of relevance as well.

For further information, please contact professor Karsten Naundrup Olesen.