Post doc position falling under the framework project “Sustainability, responsibility and enterprise liability”

Sustainability and CSR are current issues for all enterprises, both public and private. In recent years, the interest in and implementation of sustainable solutions have been growing at a fast pace. NGOs can play a significant role in this regard, e.g. by cooperating with enterprises on promoting specific CSR policies, or – without such cooperation – seeking to enforce CSR policies of specific enterprises through litigation and other means.

The overall aim of this post doc. project is to explore the legal problems related to these roles of NGOs as driving factors in enforcing CSR policies (whether containing hard law or only soft law norms), and how NGOs may in this way affect the liability of private and public enterprises. The project should explore the role of NGOs in civil litigation about CSR policies, including as plaintiffs (issues of standing to sue etc.), as representative for affected third parties (group actions, etc.) and as a third party intervener. The project should also explore the potential liability of NGOs in this respect, including how this liability can be affected by, inter alia, the general nature of CSR norms and any formal cooperation between NGOs and enterprises on promoting specific CSR policies.

For further information, please contact professor Vibe Ulfbeck or associate professor Clement Salung Petersen.