TRAMEREN - Transatlantic Maritime Emissions Research Network – University of Copenhagen

Greenhouse gas emissions from international maritime transport remain unregulated and progress towards the regulation of these emissions at the international level has been limited. This weak international regulatory framework leaves room to explore potential regional and bilateral approaches to controlling emissions. It also creates a critical opening for the industry to pursue voluntary initiatives.

The Transatlantic Maritime Emissions Research Network (TRAMEREN) is the first Denmark-USA network on private maritime actors and climate change, from a public-private law perspective. The network is interdisciplinary and focuses on the legal and policy area of maritime transport and climate change. In particular, the focus of the network activities for 2016 is to explore the role of private maritime actors and alternative ways of tackling greenhouse gas emissions from the maritime transport sector.  This includes a general understanding of the opportunities, incentives, secondary benefits, as well as obstacles, for voluntary actions in Denmark/EU and the USA and a close examination of their implications in terms of enforcement and liability.

TRAMEREN appertains to CEVIA’s research projects on Maritime Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability.


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