Morten Rosenmeier – University of Copenhagen

Morten Rosenmeier

Professor of Law, PhD, Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen

In my daily work my research is concerned with intellectual property law, including copyright law, and a special interest of mine is legal communication in plain language, which can be understood easily by non-lawyers.

For instance, in my capacity of Director of UBVA (the Committee for the Protection of Scientific Work), I have taken part in creating the “E-learning and law" site.
Here we explain the legal rules of E-learning through popular texts, films and cartoons. Moreover, I have written legal literature for non-lawyers, e.g. my book, "Copyright for Beginners", Copenhagen 2011. And finally, my interests are also directed towards how best to explain complex legal material to law students and legal practitioners, both orally and in writing.

I am looking forward to working more with these issues as a member of Reline.