Lin Adrian – University of Copenhagen

Lin Adrian

Assistant Professor, Ph.D., the Faculty of Law, Universitty of Copenhagen

In my daily work, I’m concerned with mediation, conflict management, dispute resolution and negotiation. I’m particularly interested in how conflict can be solved in an appropriate manner.

I'm equally interested in the language that involves traditional legal conflict resolution as well as alternative methods of conflict resolution. In my research I apply linguistic analysis in preparations and agreements reached in court-based mediation. I see language as an important vehicle to understand and articulate what is going on underneath the surface. In using linguistic tools, it is possible to understand the legal academic field in a different way than traditional legal research allows. I’m also interested in how law students through language, learn how to think like lawyers and I’m currently participating in a research project on this topic.

RELINE is a great platform to work with language and law on an interdisciplinary basis. As a member of the steering committee, I work particularly to encourage interdisciplinary work and to create opportunities to develop our legal linguistic knowledge.

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