Members – University of Copenhagen


The network consists of a heterogeneous group of both national and international practitioners and researchers. Since the network officially started in 2011, the number of members has steadily increased and is currently counting 250 members (December 2014). In the graph below, it is possible to see the distribution of members give their respective profession and field of interest. One of RELINE’s ambitions from the start has been that the members could reflect a broad spectrum of representatives from both the legal discipline and the more linguistically oriented disciplines. Therefore, the great interest in the relationship between law and language and the large influx of members has exceeded every expectation in the network. Due to the fact that the network is now entering a new phase; it will unfortunately no longer be possible to join the network. However, it will be possible for interested parties to sign up for news from the network by completing the sign up formula below. Current members will continue to receive news about activities of the network.