15 November 2020

New Industrial PostDoc Project in CEPRI

CEPRI welcomes Léonard Van Rompaey as new Industrial Postdoctoral Researcher. His project is entitled “Private Governance for Responsible and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence”.

About Léonard Van Rompaey

Léonard Van Rompaey recently completed his PhD on theory and philosophy of law and AI at the Centre for International Law and Governance with Amnon Lev and Henrik Palmer Olsen. Léonard has been collaborating with different entities on topics of AI law and governance, most notably with Dansk Teknologisk Institut on the H2020 COVR (safety for collaborative robots) project, and the IEEE SA Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligence Systems’ policy committee. In 2018 he was the main organizer of the Beyond Killer Robots conference at the law faculty, which led to the successful publication of an edited symposium in the Journal of International Humanitarian Legal Studies, and a price for the journal’s best junior-academic article in 2019 for his own piece.

Before joining academia, Léonard completed his Masters in International Public Law at the Aix-Marseille law faculty in France, and internships at the UN office for disarmament affairs, and at the European Commission’s Foreign Policy Instruments service. At the law faculty, he taught International Public Law, and relaunched the Legal French course.

The research project
The project explores how policy-makers can regulate AI in a way that makes businesses do the hard work while promoting trust, ethics, and responsible practices. The project will try to find ways through which governments can incentivize responsible and ethical self-regulation by AI and robotics businesses that are craving for regulatory answers. This entails delving into questions of private governance, product liability for AI and advanced robotics, and legal value and articulation of industrial standards.

The project is a two years industrial research project in collaboration between the Danish-Swedish law firm Synch, the Centre for Private Governance, and Innovation Fund Denmark.