29 May 2019

Your rights as Union citizens are still too difficult to access

Recent research by Silvia Adamo, Associate Professor at CEVIA, shows that on a variety of issues, Union citizens still experience barriers in accessing justice such as achieving remedy for infringements of their citizenship rights on grounds of inadequate due process rights and right to appeal, and limited access to legal aid.

The results were recently published in a book as one of the research results of the international collaborative project ‘bEUcitizen: Barriers to European Citizenship’, funded by the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme.

The chapter Pursuing Union citizenship rights: access to justice is an analysis of the implementation of mechanisms of access to justice within the areas of data protection, civil litigation, and criminal proceedings in the national practices of selected Member States, focusing on the extant and novel limits to access to justice for Union citizens. The chapter is included in the book ‘Civil Rights and EU Citizenship. Challenges at the Crossroads of the European, National and Private Spheres’, part of the ‘Interdisciplinary Perspectives on EU Citizenship Series’ by Edward Elgar Publishing.

See the results of Silvia Adamo’s recent research activities on LinkedIn and webpage