20 March 2019

CEVIA's New Book

CEVIA published a book on Law and Responsible Supply Chain Management

Several distinguished members of CEVIA and esteemed authors across the Europe published a new book on Responsible Supply Chain Management under editorial work of Professor Vibe Ulfbeck, Assistant Professor Alexandra Andhov from CEVIA and Associate Professor Katerina Mitkidis (Aarhus). Authors of individual chapters reflected on the use of contract and tort for empowering sustainability across international supply chains. This book aims to advance the discussion on the application and enforcement of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Drawing parallels across numerous jurisdictions, including Denmark, the UK, the Netherlands, the US and Canada, the book explores to what extent private law tools can be used as an enforcement device and it ultimately asks if what we are witnessing is the formation of a new area of law, employing the interplay of contract and tort – a law of "production liability". The books is a product of a conference that CEVIA held in autumn 2016.

The book is available at: https://www.taylorfrancis.com/books/9781138618404