15 March 2019

CEVIA research outcomes in a form of another special issue of Tilburg Law Review

On 31st of May-1st of June 2018, CEVIA organized a two-day international conference titled “The Responsible Consumer in the Digital Age. International and Nordic Perspectives on Consumer Financial Protection”, where renowned specialists, practitioners, regulators and researchers have discussed the challenges posed by financial services to consumers in the digital age.

The conference benefitted from the generous support of the Carlsberg Foundation, the Dryers Fond and the Embassy of Romania to the Kingdom of Denmark and Iceland.

The outcome of the conference is now published and available in a special issue of Tilburg Law Review, Vol. 24, no 1, 2019. The issue gathers a Foreword signed by the keynote speakers – Prof. Hans Micklitz (EUI) and Prof. Jules Stuyck (University of Leuven) – and seven of the papers presented at the conference, including the contribution of the conference organizer, Cătălin Gabriel Stănescu (CEVIA).

The special issue is open access and can be read in its entirety at:


The article: ”The Responsible Consumer in the Digital Age: On the Conceptual Shift from ‘Average’ to ‘Responsible’ Consumer and the Inadequacy of the ‘Information Paradigm’ in Consumer Financial Protection” by Cătălin Gabriel Stănescu is available at: