Product liability of on-line market places – back to where we started?

This is the 5th webinar in the CEPRI webinar series on Platforms as Private Governance systems, focusing in particular on ‘On-line Market Places and Private Law Aspects’.

On-line market places have traditionally primarily taken the role as intermediaries that connect businesses with consumers. However, today certain platforms go much further than this. Amazon, for instance, through the service ‘fulfilled by Amazon’, offers to store, package and send ordered goods from Amazon warehouses to the consumer. Moreover, often goods are wrapped in such way that the consumer may get the impression that Amazon is the seller of the product or in other ways stand behind it. Such practices raise the question of the possible product liability of the on-line market platform, should the product turn out to be defective and cause damage. This contribution analyses emerging US case law in the field and, based on this, asks to what extent the European product liability regime could provide a basis for liability for defective products of an on-line market place.

Bio of professor Vibe Ulfbeck, CEPRI, Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen

Vibe Ulfbeck is head of CEPRI and professor of private law the Law Faculty at the University of Copenhagen. She obtained her doctorate degree at the University of Copenhagen and has an LL.M degree from Cambridge University, UK. She has been a visiting researcher at Berkeley Law School, CA and at the EUI, Florence, Italy. She works with contract law and tort law, including product liability law, and has published extensively on these issues in both national and international law journals. Most recently, her work has focused on supply chain liability and the liability of digital platforms as private governance systems. She has edited several monographs, including one on responsible supply chain management and she has been a member of the European Commission Expert Committee on product liability. 

Bio of associate professor Paul Verbruggen, Tilburg University,
The Netherlands

Paul Verbruggen is Associate Professor of Private Law at Tilburg Law School and research coordinator of the Tilburg Institute for Private Law (TIP). He writes on private law and regulation, focusing on questions of rule-making, effectiveness and enforcement. His research interests concern European private law, EU Internal Market law, tort law, regulatory policy and risk regulation as applied in different policy areas. He currently is a Visiting Professor of Global Law at KU Leuven and has held research position in Oxford (2018), LSE (2011) and Florence, EUI (2008-2012).

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This is 5th event of the CEPRI seminar series: Platforms as Private Governance Systems, SPRING/SUMMER 2021. See the  entire list of seminars here.