Platform workers and insurance issues

This is the 7th webinar in the CEPRI webinar series on Platforms as Private Governance systems, focusing in particular on ‘On-line Market Places and Private Law Aspects’. The talk is entitled:  

Platform workers and insurance issues

Over the past years there has been uncertainty as to whether the persons who perform work at various platform economy services (platform-workers) are to be regarded as employees or self-employed persons. This is the situation with platform-workers engaged in the transportation of people (ex Uber), goods (ex Wolt) and increasingly often help in private homes, such as cleaning (ex Happy Helper). The essential aspects of the specific relationship between the platform and the platform-worker seems to differentiate within different legal fields. Within insurance law the uncertainty of the platform-workers employment status also raises questions as to whether damage inflicted on third parties (both personal injury and damage to property) would be covered by insurance, and if so, which type of insurance would cover the loss. This analysis will draw upon tort law, liability rules and the different insurance policies designed to cover such losses (such as business liability insurance and private liability insurance, among others). The article will conclude on the extent and conditions for the insurance law instruments to cover third party losses in relation to platform work.

Bio of assistant professor Marlene Buch Andersen, CEPRI, Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen

Marlene Buch Andersen is an assistant professor in insurance law at the Law Faculty at the University of Copenhagen. She obtained her Ph.D. degree at the University of Copenhagen. She has been a visiting researcher at Berkeley Law School, CA. Her research in insurance law has a broad coverage and includes aspects of tort law, occupational injuries and working environment regulations.

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