LUII Roundtables – a series of webinars on immigrant integration, spring/summer 2021

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The LUII Roundtables Series examines the governance of immigrant integration and what it reveals about integration from a legal perspective and the prospects for private actors’ participation in integration tasks. The series will involve the participation of experts and stakeholders from academic, administrative, and civil society backgrounds.

The guiding questions during the roundtables will be:

  • What is the space left for private actors/private governance in immigrant integration?
  • Which barriers are hindering immigrant integration in practice?
  • What are the potential new areas to address? 

We look forward to welcoming you for the following online events: 




11 March 2021

14.30 – 15.30

Clíodhna Murphy (Maynooth University) and Matteo Bottero (UCPH, Faculty of Law)

Human Rights and Equality ‘Auditing’ of Integration Policy

21 April 2021


Claes Nilas (Danish Repatriation Department)

Nogle cases med migration til Danmark (siden 2. Verdenskrig) og betydningen heraf for integrationspolitikken (NB: In Danish)

6 May 2021


Mette Gromada, HR Consultant, Group Diversity (Bilka/Salling Group) and Mads Ted Drud-Jensen (Danish Refugee Council)

Businesses and NGO’s take on integration

(NB: In Danish)

27 May 2021


Lars Larsen, LG Insight (consultancy) and Frederik Thuesen & Vibeke Jakobsen, VIVE (The Danish Center for Social Science Research)

Barriers to integration in the labour market in practice

(NB: In Danish)

24 June 2021

17 - 18.15

Sergio Carrera (CEPS Brussels) & Hiroshi Motomura (UCLA School of Law)

Policy directions for integration law

LUII Roundtables is a part of the research project LUII – Law and Private Governance for a New Understanding of Immigrant Integration, funded by the Carlsberg Foundation